The Fredericton SPCA is dedicated to enriching the lives of all the animals in our care. To keep up with the latest developments we have formed cat and dog enrichment committees, who meet regularly to address the needs of the animals at our facility.

The tasks of each committee are to:

  • Research and evaluate “best practices” in animal enrichment programs (both formal and casual)
  • Develop and recommend a formalized enrichment program for the Fredericton SPCA to the Shelter Committee
  • Work with the Director of Operations to implement the approved enrichment program
  • Develop tools for staff and volunteers to identify signs of stress
  • Recruit and train volunteers for enrichment activities
  • Train and support all Fredericton SPCA staff in enrichment activities
  • Regularly assess the success/impact of the activities on the lives of the animals and adjust program accordingly
  • Update program documents and procedures as needed, in consultation with the Director of Operations and Shelter Committee
  • Ensure enrichment programs have synergies with the ASPCA MYM and SAFER program