Welcome to the Fredericton SPCA Critter Club!

Hello Critter Club Members!

Thanks for visiting! If you’re new to the Critter Club or need some more information about it, send me an emaileducation@frederictonspca.ca and I’ll do my best to answer all of your questions.

It’s wonderful to know that there are so many great kids out there who love animals! I know you want to help animals and I hope that I can encourage and inspire you to do so – because you really inspire me! One of my favorite pastimes is to watch all our young supporters come into the shelter to drop off donations they’ve collected and visit with all the animals here. I’ve seen kids bring in their piggy banks, bring in donations that they asked guests to bring to their birthday party instead of presents, and even kids that have turned in recyclables and donated the cash to the FSPCA. There are so many ways to help!

If you have a great idea about how you can help animals or you have any questions about animals send me an email at education@frederictonspca.ca. I love to hear great animal stories so send me some of those too! And don’t forget to come in and visit my friends and I at the shelter; we all love having visitors and a catnip treat from time to time.