MYM SAFER™ Assessment

The ASPCA’s Meet Your Match SAFER™ (Safety Assessment For Evaluating Rehoming) Assessment is a tool for assessing the probability of future canine aggression. The MYM SAFER assessment was developed by Dr. Emily Weiss, Ph.D., C.A.A.B. Dr. Weiss joined the ASPCA in 2005 as Senior Director of Shelter Behavior Programs.

The MYM SAFER Assessment tool has helped animal-welfare professionals all over the country identify potential aggression and opportunities for behavior modification, ultimately leading to more adoptions through appropriate placement.

The ASPCA acquired the SAFER™ Assessment in 2007, which has given opportunities to save far more lives through the ASPCA’s national reach.

At the Fredericton SPCA trained assessors conduct the SAFER assessment on all incoming dogs that have been here for 72 hours. Assessments are available to view for all dogs up for adoption.

Fredericton SPCA staff would be happy to share the knowledge we have gained about each of our dogs through MYM SAFER™ and MYM Canine-ality/Puppy-ality assessments.