Are You Ready To Adopt?

Have you given consideration to the responsibilities of owning a pet, such as: regular food, daily exercise, proper shelter, care during vacation and emergencies, and regular visits to the vet?

Have you thought about the following: the type and size of pet you prefer; if you have time and patience to train a pet; whether pets are allowed where you live; how your hours of work, travel plans and lifestyle will affect a pet; and where you will be two years from now?

If you have thought carefully about all these points, start looking for your ideal pet at the Fredericton SPCA.

If you have seriously considered only a few of these points, perhaps you should wait until circumstances allow you to be certain you can meet the requirements of responsible pet ownership.

In the meantime, why not make friends with your neighbour’s cat or dog. If you’re not yet in the position to consider adopting a pet of your own, why not come and exercise the animals at the Adoption Centre; and remember, you can always be a good friend to someone else’s pet!