We are pleased to offer teachers and educators our Humane Education Program for Pre-K through grade 12. The fun isn’t just for youth! We also offer a program for adults.

As experts have recognized the link between child abuse, animal abuse and violence against people, the value of humane education in schools is greater than ever. Our education programs include presentations and shelter tours that inform while inspiring respect, empathy, and compassion for all living beings. We also collaborate with teachers to custom tailor presentations to enhance class projects and modules and provide resources to teachers who would like to integrate humane education lessons into their classrooms.

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In 1933, the National (US) PTA Congress issued the following statement in support of Humane Education, words still relevant today:

“Children trained to extend justice, kindness and mercy to animals become more just, kind and considerate in their relations with each other. Character training along these lines will result in men and women of broader sympathies, more humane, more law-abiding – in every respect more valuable citizens.

Humane education is the teaching in schools and colleges of the nations the principles of justice, goodwill, and humanity toward all life. The cultivation of the spirit of kindness to animals is but the starting point toward the larger humanity that includes one’s fellow of every race and clime. A generation of people trained in these principles will solve their international difficulties as neighbors and not as enemies.”




Do you have animal lovers in your family?
Do you want to inspire their curiosity about animals and nurture their desire to help them? We can help!


The Fredericton SPCA offers birthday parties in the shelter! If your son, daughter or grandchild loves animals, what a perfect way to spend their special day! Birthday parties include a behind-the-scenes tour of the shelter, animal themed crafts or activities, and a chance to meet some of our animals for adoption.

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“Can we get a dog? PLEEEEASE!” Is this one of the most common questions heard in your house these days?

Is your family thinking about adding a canine companion to your home?
For families with young children the story book “Are You Ready For Me?” and it’s accompanying worksheets is an excellent resource. This book is designed to help families decide if they are ready for a dog and provides support for either answer. Why not make story time an event and stop by the shelter? You can borrow our copy of the book and sit down and read it right in the shelter. We can provide you with printed copies of the worksheets (or you can download them here) and you can visit the animals we have for adoption. If you decide to bring a new companion into your home then you just might find the perfect match during your visit. If you decide that it just isn’t the right time then you can visit with the animals and discuss opportunities to volunteer and help care for the animals in the shelter.


Recommended reading for all animal loving book worms!

We have compiled a list of recommended books for young readers who love animals. Consider purchasing a book for your animal lover and one to donate for our humane education programs!

Click here to see the Fredericton SPCA Humane Education Book Wishlist.




Here are some links to a few awesome websites full of great information all about animals:


PBS Kids

National Geographic Kids


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