165 Hilton Rd., Fredericton, NB | Ph: 506-459-1555
165 Hilton Rd., Fredericton, NB | Ph: 506-459-1555



Foster Care volunteers are guardian angels to hundreds of Fredericton SPCA animals in need. Whether an animal is injured, abandoned, or underage, foster care saves lives. Many animals needing remediation or a space to stay if the shelter is full benefit from a foster home.


  • Provide a suitable environment that meets the animal’s needs
  • Ensure the animal’s 5 freedoms are met including providing food and water
  • Spend quality time with foster animals daily by providing enrichment activities, play, grooming/petting, and exercise
  • Ensure other animals in the home have up-to-date vaccinations, can live comfortably with other animals, and can be isolated from the foster animal
  • Submit weekly care reports to the Animal Care Supervisor or designate and communicate urgently when an animal requires veterinary attention
  • Adhere to Fredericton SPCA policies

Skills required:

  • Dependable & committed
  • Previous experience caring for injured/ill animals preferred
  • Ability to transport to/from the shelter and/or veterinarian as needed
  • Excellent communication skills

Time Commitment:

  • At least 6 months
  • 2 hours per day focused time with the animal(s), may require more depending on circumstances

What we hope you’ll gain from your volunteer experience:

  • The intrinsic reward of making a difference in an animals’ life by caring for them as they transition into their forever homes
  • Quality time with animals who need your support
  • Evidence-based knowledge about animal welfare & behaviour

Foster Application here:


Fill out form and e-mail to Annette James at annette@frederictonspca.ca