165 Hilton Rd., Fredericton, NB | Ph: 506-459-1555
165 Hilton Rd., Fredericton, NB | Ph: 506-459-1555


Special Animal Adoptions are for those animals that need that extra care.  Long term chronic illnesses, such as Diabetes, medical needs or age.  Some may be due to home provisions such as no stairs, or being the only pet in the household.  These pets still deserve a forever home and to be loved.


My name is Fabio! The girls tell me it’s short somehow for fabulous. Doesn’t matter though I already know I am fabulous. When I came to the adoption center I was sadly covered in matts. Thanks to the ladies at the adoption center they booked me in with a vet and voila, it’s a new me! The girls tell me I look better than ever! I love to hang out with my people – especially if they are reading the newspaper or a book. You see it truly is all about me! I am a special needs kitty as I am diabetic and my diet is a diabetic wet food. Also, I get insulin twice a day – once with my breakfast and once with my supper. So, I am looking for the purrfect spot in the purrfect home with a family who can help me stay happy and healthy. If you are interested in meeting me pawlease call the adoption center at 459-1555 or send an e-mail to info@frederictonspca.ca and we can arrange an appointment set up for you to meet me! Pawmazing Fabio












Hi my name is OTIS

My name is Otis with a capital O. I am a 3 year old boy. I am looking for a furever special needs home. I am on a special Renal diet for my kidney condition. My peeps at the FSPCA can tell you all about that if you are interested to know more. I need a ma and paw who can bring me to my friendly veternarian every 6 months for bloodwork. I am a happy go lucky boy. I love to explore and run. Cat trees, I have to say, are my favorite. If you work from home, I will make sure to lay down right in front on the screen to cheer you on😊 I’m hoping there is someone out there that would like to add me to their family. Hang on a second. My staff are telling me to also add that I am a lovebug and love to be pet and held. 😍 If you are interested in finding out more about me pawlease contact my ladies at the adoption center at 506-459-1555. They will happily set up an appointment for you to come meet me and fill you in. Love Oti