165 Hilton Rd., Fredericton, NB | Ph: 506-459-1555
165 Hilton Rd., Fredericton, NB | Ph: 506-459-1555


Lost and Found – please scroll down for information on Stray Animals


Welcome to our incoming stray animal page. All the animals that appear on this page have been brought to the Fredericton SPCA as strays.  Scroll down to view the animals.

We check all incoming animals for identification (microchip, tattoo, etc.) to try and locate their owner.

All stray animals are held for 72 hours (not including Sundays or statutory holidays). During this time the animal will be health checked and treated for worms and fleas, vaccinated, and microchipped. Any additional veterinary care deemed to be needed will be provided.

If you see your animal on this page, please call us at 506-459-1555 during our operating hours. View our operating hours by clicking here.

To claim your animal we will need to verify ownership. Some examples of acceptable ownership identification are: photos, veterinary records (proof of rabies, record of last vaccination), or a dog license.

Kennel fees are charged for each day a stray animal remains in the care of the Fredericton SPCA and must be paid in full before they will be returned to their owner. The first day kennel fee is $25 and every subsequent day is $20. Any outstanding veterinary bills must be paid in full prior to claiming your animal.

Animals impounded by other agencies but housed at the Fredericton SPCA do not appear on this page and you must contact the other organization directly.

If you believe your lost pet may have been impounded within the city limits by the Fredericton City Animal Control please call 506-458-0906 or check with us at the Fredericton SPCA by calling 506-459-1555.

  • If you believe your lost pet may have been impounded outside the city limits by the Rural Animal Control agency please call 1-877-722-1522.
  • If you believe your pet may be in the custody of the NBSPCA, please call 1-877-722-1522.