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165 Hilton Rd., Fredericton, NB | Ph: 506-459-1555



A wealth of helpful information for people and their pets is available online. While there are many resources out there, we have selected a few websites that we know have very good information and tips for almost every pet problem you may encounter.

Never hesitate to call us with your questions. If we don’t have the answer for you, we will help you find someone who does.

Dumb Friends League – https://www.ddfl.org/resource-library/

ASPCA – https://www.aspca.org/pet-care


Losing a pet is stressful. Don’t wait a few days to see if he’ll come home, start looking right away. We can help you through it. Call us at 506-459-1555 during operating hours. We take lost reports for both cats and dogs over the phone.

What Colour is my cat?
Describing exactly what colour your cat is can be trickier than it appears. Follow this link for some common colours and coat patterns, to better describe you missing cat. Click this link to download a PDF guide to cat coat colours: http://bit.ly/1aj7xxa


  • Search your neighbourhood right away! Think like your pet, call your pet’s name and shake a treat bag. Stop often, be quiet and listen. Look for signs (tracks, fur, etc.).
  • Put up lost posters with a good photo of your pet, detailed description and your contact information. Offering a reward will get all the neighbourhood kids out looking for you.
  • Check with neighbours, the mail or paper carrier, joggers and children playing in the area. Give them a copy of your lost poster.
  • Ask home owners to check garages, under decks, around sheds and greenhouses etc.. This is especially important for lost cats who may become trapped or are scared and hiding.
  • Check the “Stray Animals” page on our website for your pet, call us and come in to the adoption centre to look.
  • Call all vet clinics in your area. Click here for a listing of Fredericton vet clinics.
  • Place a lost ad with regional newspapers, local radio stations and on the website Kijiji.
  • Check daily found ads in the newspaper and on
  • Don’t give up! We have returned lost pets to their owners after months of separation.

More tips for finding lost cats:

  • Each cat is unique and can behave differently when lost. For detailed search tips designed for each cat personality type and if they are an indoor-only cat that has slipped out the door or an indoor-outdoor cat that hasn’t returned, visit this site:



So, a stray animal has decided you can rescue him and you don’t know quite what to do. We can help! A sick or injured stray should be brought to the Fredericton SPCA or to a vet clinic right away. There is no charge to you for bringing a stray to the shelter or a vet clinic.

If you have found a mother and a litter or an orphaned litter, contact us at 506-459-1555 during operating hours for advice. Do not move the litter unless they are in immediate danger.

For tips on caring for orphan kittens please see this link: http://www.kittenrescue.org/index.php/cat-care/kitten-care-handbook/

Locating the Owner:

  • Check to see if the animal has any form of I.D. – city license, tattoo, rabies tag, personalized identification tag, or microchip.
  • Report found animals to Animal Control for your area. In Fredericton call 506-458-0906 for rural animal control call 1-877-722-152.
  • Place a found ad in the newspaper (often a free service) and check the lost advertisements.
  • Place a found pet notice on Kijiji.
  • Post notices in the area where the animal was found with a description or photo and information about how you can be contacted.
  • Ask neighbours if they recognize the pet you’ve found, or if they know a household that recently lost a pet.
  • If someone claims to be the animal’s owner, insist on I.D. and proof of ownership before releasing him.

Bringing the Animal In:

  • If you live inside the city limits of Fredericton, contact City of Fredericton Animal Control at 506-458-0906 to pick up stray cat or dog or a dog running at large.
  • If you live outside the city limits, you should contact rural Animal Control at 1-877-722-1522.