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165 Hilton Rd., Fredericton, NB | Ph: 506-459-1555

The Dr. Shannon Lewis Memorial Award


· Must be an animal welfare organization/business or person engaged in animal welfare initiatives such as rescue or rehabilitation
· Award winner should not have previously won the award
· Award winner must show extraordinary contributions to the animal welfare industry. They must be in business for more than 3 years and can be a charity, non-profit or an individual that goes above and beyond for the welfare of an animal
· Award winner must be in alignment with the FSPCA’s care and treatment policies as well as the Five Freedoms.
· To preserve the integrity of this award, the nominees and winner will be conducted by a jury consisting of Dr. Krista Foreman (Owner of Southpaw Animal Hospital), Laurie Trail (Manager at Southpaw Animal Hospital) who are her co-workers as well as the senior staff of the Fredericton SPCA who worked closely with Dr. Lewis.


Dr. Shannon Lewis:

From an early age Shannon’s love of animals was central to her life. It was inevitable that she would pursue this passion as her career. She graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College in PEI in 2000 and began her beloved career.

Shannon was an extraordinary veterinarian and person. She had an amazing energy of calmness, peace and positivity and she had a brilliant mind. Her love of animals and her empathy for them shone through with every patient in her care. She had a gentle soul, a gentle touch and a huge capacity for caring. Shannon was an inspiration to many in her ability to look outside the box and always finding that one more thing to try. Learning acupuncture and providing that to her patients was one of Shannon’s favorite things to do but she was talented in every aspect of patient care. Shannon leaves an enormous hole in our SouthPaw family, her passing is a devastating loss for all who had the pleasure of knowing her. Shannon always found room in her heart and in her home for one more orphaned pet to add to her family.

Shannon always found time to help with the animals at the Fredericton SPCA. She would get down on the ground and talk in soft tones to calm them and sit with them to make them as comfortable as she could. They always responded to her and loved going to visit with her. She never gave up on looking for treatments for their ailments, be it regular protocols or alternative therapies such as acupuncture, she always gave them her best.

It is these qualities that we wanted to acknowledge, and in doing so we have decided to create the first ever Dr. Shannon Lewis Memorial Award and chose an organization that exemplifies the quality of work and dedication to animals that Dr. Shannon showed in her practice.
The Atlantic Wildlife Institute from Cookville, NB was chosen to be the first recipient of the Dr. Shannon Lewis Memorial Award due to their outstanding care, education and rehabilitation of the wildlife in the province of NB.

AWI has been serving NB and the Atlantic provinces for over 20 years by providing emergency medical care for injured, orphaned and ill wildlife. They are a registered Canadian charity, and depends on the generosity of its community through donations in able to deliver its programs and services. AWI is unique in that it is the only federally and provincially licensed facility in eastern Canada that can take in any and all types of wildlife. They have had moose, bears, seals, eagles and all other types of injured and orphaned animals. Due to the diversity of illnesses and injuries they see, they can identify key issues for public attention and response, such as animal-borne diseases and toxins in the environment.

However, their work is best described by one volunteer that said “These guys are AMAZING. The AWI saves so many lives that would otherwise be lost. Our wildlife is worth it.”
Today we would like to present this award to Sandi Fraser on behalf of Pam Novak and Barry Rothfuss, founders of the Atlantic Wildlife Institute, they give their time and energy to save the vulnerable, cry tears of joy as well as sadness, are exhausted yet energized and do it all in the name of love for the animals. They have stepped in where others would not, and have become the warriors to save these precious lives by doing whatever they can to help them survive. This is the essence of what Dr. Shannon Lewis represented and this is why AWI has won the first Dr. Shannon Lewis Memorial Award.

Congratulations, I think Dr. Shannon Lewis would be proud!