The Fredericton SPCA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors:

Executive Committee

Scott Elliott, President

Dianna Murray, Vice-President

Susan Morell, Past President

Dan Greene, Treasurer

Vadini Mahabir, Secretary

Board Members

Dr. Ali Crandlemire

Marianne Limpert

Matt McGuire

Karla O’Regan

Suzanne Sypher


Annette James, Director of Operations

Karen McGeean, Director of Marketing and Development

Lynn, Meg, Andrea, Kathy, Victoria, Dany, Meridith, Lauren, Vanessa, Ashley, Jennifer and Leela



Our committee structure is currently being reviewed.

If you are interested in serving on a committee for the Fredericton SPCA, or are interested in volunteering as a board member, please send an email to: for more information.