Adoption Process/Application

After careful consideration of what responsible pet ownership entails you have decided you are ready to adopt.

What are your next steps?

Your first step should be to visit our facility on 165 Hilton Road, or a satellite adoption center located at Animal Essentials and/or Petsmart.


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When you arrive at the Fredericton SPCA you will invited to “Meet your Match” and complete the ASPCA Meet Your Match adopter survey. This will form the basis of your adoption conversation and application. At all facilities the survey should be completed by the adoptee who must be at least 19 years of age and have appropriate identification such as a drivers licence.

Once you know which Meet Your Match ‘colour’ you are, you will be able to  view our animals with the knowledge of who your best match could be. Please note at this time Meet Your Match is available only for cats, our dog adoption process is different than the process for adopting a cat.

How to Adopt a Dog From the Fredericton SPCA

Step 1. Come take a look at the dogs available for adoption on our adoption floor.

Step 2. Our staff would be happy to introduce you to any of the dogs outside of their kennel for a proper meet-and-greet. JUST ASK!

Step 3. Once you have decided on a dog you would like to apply for please ask for a dog adoption survey.

Step 4. Once completed, please give your survey to our receptionist at the front desk.

Step 5. Surveys are reviewed by the adoption committee in order of date received.

* Please note that not all applicants will necessarily be contacted for an interview.

Step 6. Once the adoption has been completed, remaining applicants will receive a courtesy phone call advising of the outcome.


You’re approved! What now?

If you are adopting a cat or kitten that is pre-spayed or neutered you will be able to take him or her home that day. If the cat or kitten is not yet spayed or neutered you will need to wait until he or she is. Thanks to wonderful partnerships with vets in our community a surgery date is usually set for within a few days of your adoption, occasionally around holidays and busy times of the year it can take a little longer to get surgical space. Generally your cat or kitten will come home to you a couple of days after his or her surgery.

If you are adopting a dog that is pre-spayed or neutered you will be able to take him or her home that day. If the dog is not pre-spayed or neutered you will have to wait until your dog has his or her surgery to take him or her home. Generally your dog will come home to you a couple of days after his or her surgery.

On the day you collect your pet to bring him or her home you will sign an adoption contract. This contract outlines your, and our, responsibilities towards that pet.  You will also be given a copy of your pets health history while at our facility, and information on your pets microchip.


CONGRATULATIONS your adoption is complete. We wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness with your new forever furry friend.

Additional information:

Included with every adoption is 30 days of pet insurance from Pet Care. This is an independent gift and should you have any questions regarding your policy, and this gift, we ask that you contact Pet Care directly.