School & Group Presentations

Let us come to you! Have a Fredericton SPCA spokesperson visit your school or group to deliver a humane education presentation. Presentations are available for students of all ages, from Pre-school through adult. Each presentation is catered to the students’ learning level and can be tailored to meet the needs & requests of each group.

Presentations include activities from the following:

Be A Tree – (Dog Bite Prevention, All Ages!)

The Be a TreeTM Program focuses on fun and interactive activities to teach children how to read dog body language and how to act safely around their own dog and strange dogs. The main message from the presentation is “Be a Tree” if strange dog comes near or any dog is too frisky or is making you uncomfortable. This program takes a full class period and teachers are provided with supplementary materials with suggested pre-visit activities as well as follow up activities. For more information please visit the Dog Gone Safe website:

Caring Kids (K-3) 

The Fredericton SPCA’s Caring Kids presentation is designed to teach students responsible care, empathy and respect for others and animals. Caring Kids will focus on the social, emotional and physical needs of animals (puppies) and people (boys & girls).

The Caring Kid’s presentation is based on participatory storytelling with an interactive felt-board, “Sharing Sam”, that tells the story of a homeless dog who is rescued, brought to an animal shelter and adopted by a family. These stories further promote empathy and teach children how to appropriately interact with animals. If requested a special animal guest will visit the class and students will be encouraged to meet the animal to practice what they learned during the presentation.

RedRover Readers (Grades K – 5)

This unique community-based literacy program is aligned with academic content standards and helps children explore the bond between people and animals through stories and discussion. Presenters trained in the RedRover Readers curriculum read to children and lead discussions – helping children increase their level of empathy for people and animals.

The RedRover Readers program helps the children throughout the United States and Canada share information about animals, reflect on the roles of animals in their communities and determine our responsibilities toward them. Rather than simply teaching how to care for a dog or cat, we ask students questions like: “Why is having a home important to a cat?” “What does a dog need in that home to be healthy and safe?” and “How do we listen to animals?” The stories and activities in the RedRover Readers program are appropriate for all children whether they have limited or extensive experience with pets.

For more information about the RedRover Readers program please visit:

Additional Presentation topics include but are not limited to:


Fredericton SPCA education presentations are perfect for:

  • Preschool, elementary, middle and high school
  • After school programs
  • Youth and adult special interest or service groups

Booking Information:

  • Please book in advance (at least 2 weeks is requested)
  • Presentations are free however donations are always welcome.
    • Cash donations or items from our wishlist are always appreciated.

For more information & to book please email: