Matt_2014_2Retired Major League Baseball star Matt Stairs is the community ambassador for the Fredericton SPCA Inc.  

The Fredericton SPCA is pleased to announce that Matt Stairs has agreed to represent the organization as our community ambassador for 2015. This is Matt’s third year in the volunteer role.

“We created the position in order to provide a public figure the opportunity to help promote the issues surrounding animal welfare,” Board President Scott Elliott explains.  “We are pleased that Matt has offered to step up to the plate.  He’s is a heavy hitter with a reputation as a world-class athlete and a dedicated philanthropist.  His association with us will certainly continue to benefit our organization in promoting our work within the community,” he concluded.

Stairs and his family are dedicated animal lovers with a passion for helping those in need. “It’s the right thing to do,” Stairs says.  “I like where the Fredericton SPCA is going as an organization and I want to give back.  I am looking forward to helping out however I can, including the annual Matt Stairs Golf Tournament.”

The duties of the community ambassador of the Fredericton SPCA can include but are not limited to:

  • Speaking to the FSPCA cause,
  • Representing the organization by request of the Board of Directors at public functions,
  • Allowing use of their name and photo for public promotion of the FSPCA,
  • Attending educational, promotional and fundraising events during the year, and
  • Assisting with other activities as agreed upon.


The ambassador position is for a one-year term, renewable annually upon mutual agreement.  There is no monetary compensation for accepting the position.