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Jasper is a 6- or 7-year old male, all-black, Cocker Spaniel. I adopted him from the Fredericton SPCA in March, 2005. My first shelter dog, Minto, had died in October, 2004 and I was sure I would adopt again, but my heart was broken, and I needed a nudge. My friend Mary Flagg, Jane Jenkins, and I first met Jasper on March 11, 2005.

Jasper had a prolonged stay at the Fredericton SPCA where he received wonderful care for his serious, but treatable, medical needs; he made weekly visits to the veterinarians at Southpaw Animal Hospital. I believe he had been abandoned and came in at 50% of his ideal weight, with a very dirty and matted coat, and with serious eye and ear problems, and allergies. I was able to visit him and take him for walks while he continued his recovery at the Fredericton SPCA. I had no doubts that I wanted to adopt him.



With continuing care from his vets, and lots of love in his new home, he thrived. We were invited to participate in FLASH in September 2005. Jasper loved the attention and performed much better than his companion.

In addition to obedience classes, he has participated in the K-9 Kapers and Pawsative Rewards agility programmes and demonstrated a natural ability, again, unlike his owner. Flyball was a challenge!! He wouldn’t be confused with a Retriever any time soon!

In April 2008 he successfully completed the ‘Canine Good Neighbour’ programme sponsored by the Canadian Kennel Club. For the past two years, he has been a weekly visitor to Pine Grove Nursing Home. He’s a very friendly and people-oriented dog.

Jasper (formerly known as JAX) and I were both so lucky to find each other and I extend my grateful thanks to Jane Jenkins, the staff at the Fredericton SPCA, and to Drs. Shannon Lewis and Krista Foreman who looked after him at the beginning and who agreed that we would be a good team.       Patricia Belier




Spring is settling in very well. My twin grandsons renamed her Karly – they seldom agree on anything but both liked that name. My older cats are doing their best to ignore her but she’s copying everything they do so I’m sure that’s a temporary thing.

It’s a big change for our household, there hasn’t been a kitten in the house for 13 years. All is well. Thanks for following up, she has a good permanent home with us and we’ll enjoy her for many, many years.          – Valerie