Adoption fees

  • Adult Cats – $85
  • Kittens (under 6 months) – $150
  • Rabbits – $85 spayed/neutered $25 unspayed/unneutered
  • Adult Dogs – $150
  • Puppies (under 6 months) – $200
  • Small Dogs  - $200


Adoption fees include: the spay or neuter surgery, initial flea and worm treatments, the implant of a microchip (a permanent ID) and vaccinations while the animal is in the care of the shelter. Please note, we do notvaccinate against rabies. Please consult your veterinarian about this.

For rabbits, the adoption fee includes the spay or neuter surgery. For single rabbit homes we do give the option of taking your rabbit unspayed or unneutered.

If you are interested in adopting two cats or two kittens at the same time, we do have special rates available.

Some cats are members of the Lonely Hearts Club because they have been living at the shelter for some time. These cats are available for adoption at a reduced fee. Please ask the staff about this club.

Please note that in some situations, animals are not ready to go home with their new adopter the day of adoption.

There is a 24-hour wait on all dog or puppy adoptions – that means once you have been approved and have paid the adoption fee for a dog or puppy, you can go home, prepare for their arrival and get the necessary supplies to be ready to pick up your new friend the next day.

If an animal has not been spayed or neutered at the time of adoption, they will remain at the SPCA until the surgery has been completed (normally a few days) and then can go into their new home.

Do not hesitate to ask staff if you have any questions about adoption procedures.